• Julie Smeaton

Why Hire a Doula?

Why hire a doula? It’s no secret that our maternity system here in Edinburgh does not serve our mothers as well as it could. There are many reasons for this and I’m sure some of you reading could share a few. One of the main science backed reasons for this is that there are much better outcomes when women have continuity of care. This means that the midwife you spend time building trust and a relationship with during your pregnancy would be at your birth. The same midwife who you trust and who knows you and your body and doesn’t just see you as another *risk* statistic waiting to be realised 😐. In our current system, unless you play the system and have a homebirth (more on that later...) this does not happen.

A doula can provide that continuity of care. Here’s the science- the Cochrane Review (yes, an actual data led, scientific review, doulas are not all that woo woo and fairy dust) concluded that continuous support from a doula resulted in:

- Increase in spontaneous vaginal birth

- Shorter labours - Decrease in pain experienced in labour

- Decrease in caesarean and instrumental births

- Most importantly to me, - ✨ women are less likely to report negative feelings about their childbirth experience ✨.

It doesn’t matter to me what type of birth you want or have, what matters is how you feel about it and how that can influence your confidence and strength in the early days of motherhood. There are a lot of other reasons why doulas make a difference... it’s one of my favourite topics 🤗. For now if you want to find out more, message me.

Also I have to say this, if you are interested in having a doula but I am someone you know too well, maybe I’m your friend or old colleague or school pal and it’s just too close for comfort. I can absolutely direct you to some amazing women who can help you boss your birth, just ask 🤛🏻❤️.

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