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Birth Works - Preparation, Support, Environment

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Quietly Ive been plugging away, preparing to teach hypnobirthing and birth prep in November and supporting a mamma prep for her homebirth in October. The kids are back in preschool/nursery and I'm enjoying my new found time to put my heart and energy into birthwork, something I've wanted to do since Kit was born.

I want to give women a structure to prepare for their births, something different from the mainstream offering currently. Although NCT can be a good way to meet other mothers as it is very well established, many women say it doesnt prepare them for the realities of the birth process and leaves them feeling like a secret was kept from them.

I want to dive deep into these secrets. What is it that makes the difference between women who have a straightforward, fearfree birth and those that end up with interventions they didnt want, mental trauma and physical scarring?

My course Birth Works splits this "Birth Secret" into 3 categories:

  1. Mental and Physical Preparation

  2. Support

  3. Environment

There will not be an emotionally safe birth for the mother if none of these needs are met. All three needs must be respected and supported for a truly safe, powerful and mother-centred experience.

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