Birth Works classes inform and prepare you and your birth partner to have a fear free birth. The more relaxed, safe and at home you feel in your birth process, the easier that process will be and feel. Birth Works can be applied to any type of birth and is suitable for both first time parents and those that want to improve their previous experience.

You can start preparing for your birth with Birth Works at any time (including if you are having a last minute freak out) but it is best to give yourself enough time to practice the techniques. Birth Works is suitable to attend anytime from 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The sessions will include:

-understanding the physiology of birth -  how birth works;

-understanding how your mind influences your birth;

-relaxation/hypnobirthing techniques;

- encouraging optimal baby positioning for a straightforward birth;

-making informed decisions and possible interventions in childbirth;

-the stages of labour and what to expect;

-the role of the birth partner and doula;

-place of birth and why birth environment is SO important;

-writing your birth plan and why it is worth it.

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