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Birth Works classes inform and prepare you and your birth partner to have a fear free birth. The more relaxed, safe and at home you feel in your birth process, the easier that process will be and feel. Birth Works can be applied to any type of birth and is suitable for both first time parents and those that want to improve on their previous experience.

You can start preparing for your birth with Birth Works at any time (including if you are having a last minute freak out) but it is best to give yourself enough time to practice the techniques. Birth Works is suitable to attend anytime from 20 weeks of pregnancy.​

You can take the course as part of a group or have it tailored individually to you and your birth partner. The group course will be divided into 4 weekly sessions of 2 hours delivered via Zoom on a Tuesday evening from 7.30pm-9.30pm. A 1:1 course can be designed especially for you and can run in just one day or divided into sessions.

Included in the course is:
- 8 hours of teaching time with hypnobirthing teacher, birth coach, doula and pregnancy yoga teacher, Julie Smeaton;
- digital course workbook and hypnobirthing audio tracks to use during pregnancy and birth;
- ongoing support from Julie;
- connection with other expectant parents.

Course content includes:

Session 1
- Introduction to hypnobirthing;
- The Fear-Tension-Pain cycle;
- How the mind works & the mind body connection;
- How we can create a positive birthing mindset;
- Learning from how other mammals give birth;
- Working with our birth hormones.

Session 2
- How the uterus works during birth & how to work with it;
- Hypnobirthing & relaxation techniques;
- Encouraging the most optimal positioning of baby;
- Preparing your body for birth.

Session 3
- Importance of practice;
- Understanding your Estimated Due Date;
- What is meant by informed decisions and how to make them;
- Asking questions;
- Interventions in childbirth;
- Dealing with the unexpected.

Session 4
- The stages of labour & what to expect;
- Place of birth and preparing your birthing zone;
- Positions for birth;
- Writing your birth plan;
- Birth partner and doula's role.

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