As well as teaching hypnobirthing, I also act as a birth doula for a few special families a year. A birth doula is someone who helps you prepare for birth and also supports you during labour along with your birth partner. Evidence shows that having this type of continuous support improves labour outcome for both mother and baby.


As your birth doula I will protect and hold space for you to have the birth you want and make sure your birth choices are respected, even if things take an unexpected turn.​

I will work with your birth partner to support you in labour, helping them feel safe and supported in their role too. 

I will help you and your partner prepare for birth and create your birth plan. We will go through any previous births and establish what worked and what didn't.  I'll know your birth plan inside out so when the time comes you can rely on me to uphold those choices and advocate for you.​

If you are interested, please get in touch by email and I can send you more detailed information on the support I provide -