Welcome to Birth Works.

I'm Julie Smeaton and I have been helping people prepare for positive birth since 2016.  I am a hypnobirthing teacher, birth preparation coach and doula. I have also taught pregnancy and postnatal yoga and before that I was a lawyer.  I'm passionate about helping people discover their power in their birth process and improving families' birth experiences through hypnobirthing and birth preparation. 

I found hypnobirthing when I was preparing to birth my second baby. I wasn't satisfied with the experience of birthing my first baby in hospital which led to a long and arduous physical recovery and I knew there had to be a better way, where I would feel in control, supported in my decision making and where my body would naturally recover from a physiological birth experience.

Using hypnobirthing helped me to make the right decisions for me and prepare to have my second baby at home in a birth pool supported by my husband, my doula and two midwives. This really powerful experience led me to train as both a hypnobirthing teacher and a birth doula to support families through their birth process and share tools for deeply empowering births.

I want you to have the best birth possible. One where you come out the other side feeling strong, powerful, knowing that you decided how to bring your baby into this world.

I also have a interest in human rights in childbirth and the care we receive and currently sit on the Maternity Services Liaison Committee for NHS Lothian which works to improve maternity care experiences and protect the rights of birthing people.