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Birth Works is a complete Birth Preparation course for you and your birth partner using hypnobirthing that will prepare you for any type of birth, help you understand your choices and release any fear you have about birth.

Hypnobirthing teaches you how your mindset in labour can influence how your labour progresses. It also teaches you practical tools and techniques to maintain that mindset, even when things get intense.

Birth Works Hypnobirthing will teach you:

-the science behind why your mind affects your body and your birth;

- techniques to help you work with your body and your hormones effectively;

- how to understand your care options;

- what to expect in labour and birth: how your magical baby comes out of your incredible body.

The "Hypno" refers to the relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques you will learn to help you cope with the sensations of labour. Being relaxed helps the birthing hormones flow and so will assist in a smoother labour.

The "Birthing" refers to what you will learn about your own body and how you can help it birth.  

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